01 February 2021

VocArt is starting with iOS

Hello dear Reader,

it is my pleasure to welcome you on this first article of a Blog dedicated to the very new app called, VocArt.
Reason for this first entry is trivial. For me, maybe not that entirely obvious but nevertheless - version 1.0.0 is available on App Store as from today!

This is the news of a day. All users of iPhones and iPads are able to check what we have exactly created. We are really happy because of the final result and I personally hope you will find it useful and pleasing for the eye.

In plans there are other platforms like Android which will be released hopefully on the following week. More languages and more artworks is thing pretty much granted. To be honest this is just beginning, we have still a lot to come and accoplish with this educational app. Your honest feedback would be definetely a trick which could help us, so if you can - please do.

More and more will come so stay tuned!
Christopher Binkiewicz - creator